Meeting Minutes  Feb 12th










Emily Davidson



Emily proposed that the queer collective helps out with the Khyber members’ show, to reconstruct the turret bar. The theme is “the history of the Khyber”

–       mid march for about a month

–       coffee night and dance night (special events)

–       talk to robin Metcalfe, James McSwain to get pictures and what it was like

–       talk to owner at the company house?

–       Commenting on how heteronormative the Khyber is most of the time

–       Beck: ask robin about the show and if he has specific info on the turret bar (photos, stories, etc)

–       Emily will talk to Dan about exact dates

–       Reconvene and do more research

–       Vinyl records?

–       Jobs needed to be done: mural?, painting the walls, lighting, the bar?

–       Interview people about what the bar looked like

–       Meeting at the end of reading week?



Queer University Conference

Still waiting on details about costs

We need to do a funding summary with SUNSCAD

Proposal??—Queer Art workshop/talk?

Who is interested in attending? May 1-5th


DalOUT Masquerade ball

–       helping sell tickets

–       atlantica hotel on March 22nd



Diana mentioned workshop at plan B this Thursday evening on DIY Sex toys


Still taking zine submissions until the end of February!




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